Active Kids Group e-learning resources : Week 1

Welcome to our first edition of e-Learning! Active Kids Group aims to inspire children with a life long passion for learning. It is our ambition to continue to deliver on this through a weekly e-book providing educational activities, routines, recipes and more!

In this edition, we discover activities for 1-2yr olds, we show you how to trace shadows, treasure hunt, shape hunt and include play tips and routines for “My home-schooling” toolkit. We’ll also share meal time and schedule and introducing finger foods.

Active Kids Group e-learning resources : Week 2

Active Kids Group prides itself on being flexible, innovative and always willing to assist. We hope you find this resource useful and engaging for your little learners, and encourage families to share ideas they might want included for other families as well.

This week we discover activities like paper roll printing, rainbow rice and an aquarium sensory bottle. We show you the benefits of messy play and include delicious recipes for a fritatta.

Active Kids Group e-learning resources: Week 3

Active Kids Group will be working with Educators, Parents and our Learn and Grow team to provide families with educational resources that can be easily implemented at home to encourage a continuity of learning and fun!

We will show you a way for children to explore and play using their imaginations with sensory table ideas, using coloured ice cubes, a writing tray as well as give you tips on rest and sleep. We also provide information on learning about taste and some great lunchbox ideas.

Active Kids Group e-learning resources: Week 4

Our educators collaborate to develop a curriculum which reflects the needs, interests, strengths and knowledge of all children, and we would like to extend this to all our families who are spending more time at home.

This week we have craft ideas for preschoolers and toddlers. They will love having the interactive experience of using cut and paste to make a fun activity!

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