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Active Kids Learn and Grow Program

The Active Kids Group Learn and Grow team consists of professionally trained fitness, dance, drama and language educators. The aim of this program is to deliver weekly classes that build on each child’s natural abilities and interests across these areas through fun, interactive learning experiences.

All programs are delivered in the form of 30 minute weekly lessons across all of our 15 locations. Throughout each week, educators and families will receive the lesson plans and the resources that will be used. This enables everyone to become actively involved in the early childhood learning journey.


Teaching children a foreign language helps with brain development and lays the foundation for lifelong academic achievement. Active Kids Group delivers weekly French lessons through songs, stories and role play, making learning a second language easy and fun at the age they learn best.

Learning a second language helps to foster a confident sense of identity in children. It will assist children’s ability to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect. Through this process, the children will not only develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities but gain an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation as well as encourage children to respond to diversity with respect.


Our fitness program will foster the development of good physical activity habits in children and is composed of 11 sports including: soccer, AFL, basketball, cricket, hockey, T-ball, athletics, tennis, and gross motor fitness. Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lay the foundation for a healthy and active life. Children engaging in physical activities are more likely to be active in later childhood through to adulthood.

The benefits of being active are: promoting healthy growth and development, building strong bones and muscles, improving balance, coordination and strength, learning about the body and how it moves, assisting with the development of gross motor and fine motor, providing the opportunity to develop fundamental movements skills, building self-confidence and self-esteem, maintaining and developing flexibly and promoting an enjoyment of being active.

Dance and Drama (Coming Soon)

In the dance and drama program the children delve into a world of imagination and adventure. While they travel in a time machine in search for dinosaurs or become their favourite book characters, they are developing fundamental social and physical skills. In class, the children discuss educational topics that assist in their lifelong learning and explore a variety of their own interests through movement and dramatic performance.

Through dance, children are able to strengthen their fine and gross motor skills and express themselves through nonverbal communication.  Through dramatic play, the children are able to express their emotions and become different characters of our community building their confidence, verbal communication and knowledge.

The Program in Action

Learn and Grow Fitness Videos

What Our PARENTS Are Saying

We are very happy with the learning Alba has had during the first term of Grow and Learn.

I cannot talk about the French class, as Alba is not in on Fridays. Would be great if they could all be Mo-Thu!

We have seen in her more interest and clear improvement in catching/throwing balls, balance, jumping with both feet together, jumping on one foot only, and other fitness competencies. Great job Dani! As an idea, maybe including a sack-race would be fun; I know she has been trying to do it at home and I think she would enjoy the competition with her colleagues.

Laura & Rad

The boys love to tell me all about their dance classes. Max particularly loves to dance and talked a lot about the ‘going on a bear hunt’ lesson. Finley loves his sessions with Dani and both boys raved about the egg and spoon activity.

Sarah Frost

Firstly we feel very fortunate that Archie attends on all three days with these activities.

He loves the dancing and sport classes! Talks about them when he gets home and remembers the names of songs from the dancing.

I think French has only just begun, and he is getting used to it. A little hard to remember all the phrases but the nouns etc he seems to get quite well. I’m sure he will become quite a fan just like the others.

Matt Campbell

Both of my children have thoroughly enjoyed dance and drama with Miss Sara. They have always come home and openly shared what they did. Being able to use their imagination is so important.

I think the learn and grow program really helps the children. It compliments what the educators are teaching the children.

Kind regards, Judith

It’s so amazing to have a Learn and Grow program at our day-care. It’s so cute to listen to my kids talk about how one is learning French at day-care and the other is learning Mandarin at school and them sharing the words they know.

Desiree Brudenell

Jacob loves talking about Miss Sara and Mr Dani. He speaks very fondly of them, which means they’ve really had a positive impact on him.

Gaby Wolf

We really like the dancing lesson and it help the kid to grow. He dances and make some funny movements when he is happy or when there is music.

Baoli Wu

Milan has asked if he will be doing dance class today so that showed me that he really liked your program.

I love reading about the learn and grow program and how you include everyone, their interest and backgrounds. I am happy for my son to be learning about diversity in a fun way.

Jamie Risteski

The French, Dance and Drama classes are excellent. I was thrilled to know my child is learning a lot of things during the day with the great teachers. Thank guys for the amazing services you have provided.

Anne Hoang

My daughter (aged 2.5yrs) has loved Mr Dani’s Fitness classes at daycare! Each evening after the class and of her own accord, she teaches me some of the things she has learnt in Fitness that day. I have seen her confidence and physical skills develop wonderfully over the past term, particularly her balance and throwing & catching. Thank you so much, Mr Dani!

Angie Fowler

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