At Active Kids Group we love an Early Learning Adventure! Whether it’s visiting a museum, hearing stories from our special guests or inviting parents in for Science Workshops, we always have an activity planned for your child! Have a read of some of the amazing experiences our learners have taken part in and check out the images below:

Benefits of Excursions for Children during their Early Learning Years

As children grow, it’s essential to expose them to various experiences and environments to develop their social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Excursions are an excellent way to achieve this, especially during their Early Learning Years.

Special Guests at Our Early Learning Centres

Over the years, our early learning centres in Sydney have been fortunate enough to welcome a wide range of special guests, each of whom has brought something unique and valuable to the children’s learning and development.


Special Guests


What Our PARENTS Are Saying

Best child care center ever! Couldn’t be happier. Well organized day care center, very nice staffs, great communications, best room leader and teachers in 2-3 year old room who are patient to the kids, let the kids exploring new knowledge and different culture. They also organize a lot of activities with the parents at the Mascot childcare as well. Highly recommend.

Aries Cheng

Our little one loves the child care centre. He is constantly busy with art and craft, book reading, exercises, learning colors and so many more. We get plenty of photos from the day care and thorough updates of activities daily.
Teachers are very accommodating to our suggestions and make sure the naps spot on from day one. They are very patient and used to spent long time putting LO to sleep. Really happy with the staff at our Mascot child care centre and so relaxed leaving LO for the day of fun.

Ewa Godzik

Amazing child care and the staff are extremely good. They are truly the best child care service in Sydney and I am so glad that I sent my child to this daycare centre.

Aditi Bali

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